Revolt For Change

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Release Year: 2022


The album ' Revolt For Change ' is a journey through my past & present, where i'm reflecting over the development of the critical situation and long lasting struggle in the " other-homeland " of mine. It depicts the new level of a nation coming together to fight corruption, dictatorship and achieve democracy today " in the song : Revolt For Change " . But also retelling how life used to be and the suffering I've witnessed back in the days during the war " In the song : The Wretched " . Couple of songs are about justice and accountability and the encouragement to never give up hope " in the song : Victims Of Regimes " . This album is another creation that I'm hopping it " flys freely around " to serve it's purpose and deliver it's messages of unity, organisation, and taking responsibility of making change in our lives and among our nations in the world.
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